The Twin Flame Addiction

The Twin Flame Addiction

Written by Elle Hari / 18.07.2017 / Views

You and your twin flame are the exact same soul - the exact same energy with polar opposite charges.  


When soul recognition (when your soul subconsciously recognizes itself in your twin flame) occurs, the polarized shared energy is activated.  At activation, the energy begins feeding on itself, building itself up into a euphoric/frenzied state.  


This is the high that you feel with the twin flame during the initial honeymoon period.


This shared polarized energy is a fear-based, addictive energy...and the buildup during the honeymoon period is akin to the high experienced with any physical addiction, such as:  alcohol, drugs, nicotine, sex, gambling, food, shopping, etc.


And just like with any physical addiction, when the addictive substance is taken away, a crash is experienced during the comedown.  And you feel like shit.


You also crave more of the addictive substance with a longing that can be so strong as to overpower everything else.


Then, when you get another hit of the addictive substance, you're back in euphoria once again until it runs out or is taken away...and the entire cycle starts all over again.


This is also what happens with the twin flame relating dynamic here on earth.  


After the shared polarized energy builds up to a certain point, it repels the twin flames, making it impossible for them to be together physically.  It's this physical separation that causes the energy to come crashing down...and the fear and longing to occur.


Some twin flames are caught in an endless back and forth relating cycle while others are cut off from each other completely.  Either way, your energy is craving it's drug of choice (the physical form of your twin flame), and it continues to feed this addiction with every thought, dream, conversation and action concerning the twin flame.


That's right.  Everytime you focus on the twin flame, your energy gets another hit of its drug.  And it gets a slight high from it, as well.  Followed by yet another low.  


This explains the highs and lows experienced throughout the twin flame journey.


The difference between the twin flame addiction and every other physical addiction is that it's ok with some physical addictions to continuously get small hits of the drug of choice every now and then to keep the longing at bay.  It's also possible to quit physical addictions cold turkey.


Not so with the twin flame addiction.  


Everytime you allow your energy to get even a tiny hit of the twin flame addiction (through thoughts, conversations or whatever) this feeds the energy up just enough to keep you and your twin flame physically separated even longer.


The key to being with your twin flame physically is to bring that energy down and settle it.  Everytime you allow it to feed up, you work against your own interest.


Yes, it feels better in the immediate short term (just like the hit from any drug does), but it's only sabotaging your efforts in the long term.


This isn't a physical addiction, unlike other addictions.  There is nothing physical about this.  This is all about your soul, and as such, it's impossible to quit or get over your twin flame.  Your twin flame is you, and you can't quit your self.


Similar to physical addictions, however, this energy can be tricky.  It's this energy that makes you think that you're "in love" with the twin flame and can't live without him/her.


In reality, just like with any addiction, this energy isn't love.  It doesn't actually love anything.  It only wants its next any cost.


Most everyone (unless they happen to be in The Process of navigating through a twin flame journey or are extremely conscious and aware) relate with everyone in their lives through an addictive fear-based energy.  It doesn't only exist between twin flames, but it's a much more intense and deeper addiction between twin flames because only twin flames share the exact same energy/soul.


True love is neither addictive nor based in fear.  It isn't possessive or desperate.  It doesn't have extreme highs and lows.


The traits that are most commonly associated with love, such as:  passion, chemistry, heartache, butterflies, longing, jealousy, mental and emotional connections, etc. are, in fact, created by the addictive energy.


True love is, by contraast, all encompassing.  It's infinite and eternal.  It's absolute peace, tranquility and contentment with whatever the present moment delivers.  There's no worry, jealousy, fear, desperation, approval seeking or highs and lows.  


True love just is.  


It's the natural state of all of us.  It's the soul.


It's the twin flame.


As with most  physical addictions, it's too challenging to kick the twin flame addiction and settle your energy enough to physically be with your twin flame for good without guidance.  But unlike with physical addictions, mental counseling and guidance is useless due to the fact that this has nothing to do with anything physical and everything to do with the soul.


In order to settle your energy and keep it balanced, you need to transmute your self from living mostly in the addictive, fear-based energy to aligning closer to your soul.


The sacred teachings that hold the key to being with your twin flame for good (known as The Process) explain exactly how to do that in clear action steps.  Purchase all three lessons of The Process here and save.