How to Be with your Twin Flame in as Little as 6 Weeks (Part 3)

How to Be with your Twin Flame in as Little as 6 Weeks (Part 3)

Written by Elle Hari / 26.10.2017 / Views

As mentioned in the previous post, being with your twin flame in a stable physical relationship is all about your energy.  NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.


When your energy is balanced, your twin flame will appear in your physical life.  When this occurs, and you can MAINTAIN THE BALANCE, your twin flame will remain in your physical world for the rest of your lives.


You may have already experienced this truth on some level if you ever found yourself stuck in a back and forth, push/pull relating cycle with your twin flame.  Notice that as soon as you begin focusing on yourself and not so much on the twin flame, that's when your twin flame suddenly pops up into your life again.  Then, as soon as you shift your focus back onto the twin flame, s/he vanishes again. 


And the cycle repeats.


There's only one way to break this frustrating cycle, and that's by balancing your energy and keeping it balanced when your twin flame comes back into your physical life.


This is much easier said than done.  It's extremely challenging to do this because the energy is so strong, and you can get swept uo in it before you know it.


But challenging doesn't make it impossible.


This is yourself, after all.  The energy is a part of you, and you are in charge of yourself. 


This is why it's up to you how quickly you will physically be with your twin flame.  It all hinges on how quickly you can balance your energy and maintain that balance.  


I've seen it done in as little as 6 weeks by a few of my students.


Even if you aren't caught up in the back and forth relating dynamic with your twin flame, balancing your energy and maintaining that balance once your twin flame reappears is the key to having a stable physical relationship with your twin flame.


There are two ways that your energy must be balanced.


Everything in the physical world is duality, and this includes you.  Your soul formed two opposite versions of itself:  


~ one in your physical form and the other in your twin flame's physical form


~ the part of your soul that's only in your physical body also consists of two opposite polarities of itself.


So, every person's soul has two polar opposite forces within themselves as well as two polar opposite forces within them and their twin flame.


Both of these polarized forces need to be balanced in order to magnetize your twin flame into your physical life and keep him/her there for good.


The polarized energies work in a push/pull pattern.  Within yourself, your energy pushes and pulls when relating with other people.  And everyone else's energy is either pushing or pulling when they are relating with you.


Everyone has a predominant energy when relating with others.  Their energy  usually either pushes or pulls.  It can change depending upon the other person, but it's predominantly one or the other.


To balance this energy, you have to identify your energy, figure out if your energy predominantly pushes or pulls, and then transmute it by ensuring that it does neither.


Doing this, shifts you closer into alignment with your soul and, therefore, your twin flame (because your twin flame is your soul).


Doing this also results in you understanding, knowing and loving yourself as a soul...without condition or limitation.


You will feel peaceful and blissful, become aware of your true soul's purpose and magnetize people, things and situations into your life that fully support you.


It's truly miraculous.


For more clarity and clear action steps to implement to help you do this, check out the first lesson of the sacred teachings that hold the key to being with your twin flame, entitled:  "The Process:  Book 1  - Align".


In the next article, we'll discuss what you need to do to balance the polarized energy that you share with your twin flame.