How to Be with your Twin Flame in as Little as 6 Weeks (Part 2)

How to Be with your Twin Flame in as Little as 6 Weeks (Part 2)

Written by Elle Hari / 25.10.2017 / Views

The ONLY thing keeping you and your twin flame apart in the physical world is your energy.  Balance your energy, and you will magnetize your twin flame into your physical life.  Keep your energy balanced, and the twin flame can never leave your side.


(If you don't believe that, then please read Part 1 of this series and empty your cup of all the misinformation and myths floating around regarding twin flames).


It's divine truth and how we're all created.


In order to balance your energy, you must be able to identify it, but it isn't possible to identify it when your attention is elsewhere.   (Namely, on your twin flame).


Are you being haunted by continuous thoughts about your twin flame?  


Do you feel a gut-wrenching pain so intense that it can bring you to your knees?


Are your moods and feelings all over the place making you feel like you're crazy?


Welcome to the twin flame journey.


It's perfectly normal to experience all of those things during your twin flame journey, but that doesn't mean it's fun.


And all of those things will go away...


~ leaving you feeling even better than you felt before you met your twin flame...


~ empowering you to be in charge of your thoughts and feelings in every moment...


~ and, clearing the path for your twin flame to come back to you...


when you begin balancing your energy.


Like I mentioned, before you can balance your energy, you must be able to identify it...and you can't identify it when you're consumed with thoughts about the twin flame and feeling crappy all the time.


You need to reel in your focus from being on the twin flame and onto yourself.


To do that, you need to be out of your mind.


When you're out of your mind, you're no longer "in" your thoughts.  You're able to detach yourself from your thoughts and observe them from a different perspective.


You may still have some thoughts about the twin flame, but you will no longer BELIEVE your thoughts.  It's the belief in your thoughts that's causing you pain.  


Do you know what else it's causing?


More thoughts!


When you can watch your thoughts without believing them, they will become less persistent - enabling you to focus on other things.


In this case, you want to focus on your energy so you can balance it.  


I'll discuss balancing your energy in the next article, but first, you need to be out of your mind.


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