How to Be with your Twin Flame in as Little as 6 Weeks (Part 1)

How to Be with your Twin Flame in as Little as 6 Weeks (Part 1)

Written by Elle Hari / 24.10.2017 / Views

Yes, really! 
In fact, if it's been more than 6 months since the initial honeymoon period with your twin flame has ended, and you're still physically separated or stuck in a frustrating push/pull relating dynamic...then this article is for you.
Between my amazing teacher and myself, we have helped thousands of twin flame couples maintain stable physical relationships -
~ without the back and forth relating cycle;
~ even if one twin flame had cut off all contact with the other twin flame;
~ regardless of whether or not either twin flame was in a relationship with someone else;
~ and even if the twin flames had never met in this lifetime before or didn't know who their twin flame was.
That isn't's divine truth.
Understand this truth and implement it consciously and consistently following the guidance in this series of articles, and you WILL magnetize your twin flame (back) into your physical life for good.
After my twin flame left me, I was in the worst shape of anyone either my teacher or myself had ever worked with.
After being led to my teacher and learning the divine truth (which I refer to as "The Process"), I magnetized my twin flame back into my life in 4 months. This was after he had completely blocked me from every aspect of his life and from communicating with him, told me to "F@#$ off", and had moved in with another girl.
This was 4 years ago, and he hasn't left my side since.
If I was able to magnetize my twin flame back into my life for good within 4 months of applying what I'm about to share with you, then there's no reason why you won't, either.
I've seen a student of mine magnetize their twin flame back within 6 weeks of implementing The Process.
But before I jump into all of that, we need to clear up a few things first.
Get rid of the idea that there are certain stages or phases of the twin flame journey that you need to complete before you can be with your twin flame in this lifetime. This simply isn't true and, if you're currently working on maneuvering your way through these so-called stages, then this is probably the number one reason you're still separated from your twin flame in the physical world.
The same holds true for clearing any karma or emotions or healing yourself. Doing so, won't bring you and your twin flame together in this lifetime any faster.
You don't have to reach ascension or 5D, nor do you have to fulfill any sacred mission with your twin flame at this time. Simply consider the fact that no one currently on earth...NO ONE...(not even the Dalai Lama) has reached ascension yet. Do you really think you or I are going to in this lifetime?
It simply isn't necessary to do any of the above to have a stable physical relationship with your twin flame in this lifetime (actually, in as little as 6 weeks).
What is necessary?
That's coming up in the next blog post. Stay tuned...
If you'd like to learn more about the myths and misinformation circulating throughout the twin flame community (and actually keeping you and your twin flame apart), check out my book, "Twin Flames Exposed". It's short, simple and sweet and will enable you to prepare yourself for implementing The Process and magnetizing your twin flame into your life.