FOCUS! (Just Not on the Twin Flame)

FOCUS! (Just Not on the Twin Flame)

Written by Elle Hari / 27.09.2017 / Views


The ONLY reason you are not physically with your twin flame right now is because the energy that you share with your twin flame in polar opposition had fed and built up to the point that it makes it physically impossible for you two to be together.


WTF does that mean?


You and your twin flame are the exact same soul, right? And the soul is energy.


The part of your soul that's in your physcial body and the part of your soul that's in your twin flame's physical body are exact opposite polarities of each other.


This is how your soul is able to experience a physical existence here on assimilating into the 3d consciousness of duality.


(If this is over your head right now, please read my book,  "Twin Flames Exposed" for a more detailed explanation of the Divine Truth of Creation).


Once there has been soul recognition of the twin flame, the polarity in your energy is activated and it builds up until the opposing charges in you and your twin flame repel each other, making it physically impossible for you to be together.


So, if you want to be with your twin flame in a stable physical relationship in this lifetime, the very first thing that needs to happen is that this energy needs to be brought back down.


To do this, you need to starve it out. In other words, stop it from feeding and building up even more.


We need to cut off its food supply.


What does it feed on? Mostly, thoughts of the twin flame. And, not only does this energy feed on thoughts of the twin flame, it actually CREATES the thoughts on which to feed.


I know...crazy, right?


There are obvious thoughts of the twin flame - memories, daydreams, fantasies to name a few.


But there are also many not-so-obvious ways that you can think of the twin flame without even knowing it. For example, reading this post and even working in The Process could be sneaky ways that your energy is causing you to think about the twin flame depending upon your intention when doing these things.


A more thorough list and explanation of the sneaky ways your energy could be feeding is provided for you in "The Process: Book 2 - Balance".


But, hopefully for now, you get the idea.


At this point, you may be wondering "How do I stop thinking about the twin flame? I've tried numerous times, and I can't do it!"


The good news is that you aren't supposed to stop thinking about the twin flame. That would be impossible. Have you ever tried to NOT think about something? All that does is cause you to think about that thing even more.


What we resist, persists.


Remember, it's not the thought that we're trying to starve out. It's the energy. (And, yes, thoughts are energy...but they are surface/physical energy. We are dealing with SOUL energy).


The twin flame journey is a journey of the SOUL.


Whatever you (or yout twin flame, for that matter) does in the physical world is irrelevant. "Physical world" includes: thoughts, actions, words and the types of feelings and emotions that you, as a human being, are currently familiar with. (Another bonus of working in The Process, besides having a physical, stable relationship with your twin flame, is that you learn how to access your incredible SOUL feelings whenever you want!).


Therefore, it's not the thought that we need to be concerned with's the BELIEF in that thought. It's not the action that we need to be concerned with's the INTENT behind that action. It's not the words that we need to be concerned with's the BELIEF AND INTENT behind those words. It's not the feeling that we need to be concerned with's the BELIEF in the thoughts that create the feeling.


Do you get the distinction? It can be very slight and tricky to identify as you move along your journey which is why so many people benefit from one-on-one coaching. Oftentimes when you're "in" it and you don't have much practice with this, it can be very difficult to identify the energy in whatever it is you're thinking/doing regarding the twin flame.


This is why I tell all of my students to stop talking about, contacting, stalking and actively thinking about the twin flame, at first. By "actively thinking" I'm referring to deliberately reminiscing, fantasizing, planning what you'll say when you speak with them again...things of that nature that you intentionally set out to do. Notice the INTENT here?


I tell my students to stop doing all of those things because those are things that are more intentional and can be stopped the moment the student chooses.


This leaves you with only having to contend with the thoughts about your twin flame that just seem to come out of nowhere (but are actually created by the energy).


This is where FOCUS comes in. Whenever you have one of the thoghts about the twin flame, you MUST make sure that you don't believe it. NO MATTER HOW TRUE IT MAY SEEM.


It's the energy that wants you to believe it and thinks it's real because that is what the energy feeds on.


In order to not believe a thought, you have to be AWARE that you're even having the thought in the first place.


To do this, you need to detach from your thoughts by being out of your mind and becoming the "conscious observer" of your thoughts. This requires a shift in FOCUS from whatever your thought is about (eg. your twin flame) to yourself.


If you would like some help doing this, you can enroll in a FREE e-course on the homepage of this website which is designed to help you shift your focus and become the "conscious observer" of your thoughts.


This is a necessary step in order to bring down your energy. Your energy needs to be settled before you can work with it in The Process. Once you get this step down, balancing your energy will be a piece of cake, and your twin flame will be knocking on your door in no time!


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