Don't Blame the Twin Flame

Don't Blame the Twin Flame

Written by Elle Hari / 01.06.2017 / Views

This is not only unfair, but it's also inaccurate. 


NO ONE and NOTHING outside of your self is repsonsible for how you feel - good or bad.


So, what's the cause of your feelings?  If the above sentence is true, then why did you feel so amazing when you were with the twin flame, and why did you feel so shitty when the twin flame physically departed from your life?


It's because the activated polarized energy that you share in opposition with your twin flame builds up when you're with the twin flame until it reaches its peak and then repels the two of you.  When it's building up, it feels more and more incredible, but as it crashes down, it feels like the worst thing that ever happened to you.


The twin flame isn't responsible for any of your feelings.  Hell, the twin flame isn't even the cause of his/her departure from your physical world.  Your twin flame couldn't stop the repelling action even if he/she had wanted to stay with you (and, on the deepest soul level, he/she does want to be with you).


Your feelings are a result of the energy within you.  This energy is in YOU, and only YOU are able to balance it.  Once balanced, it can't cause you to feel any certain way because YOU will be in charge. 


You are in charge right now.  The energy wants you to think that it controls you, but that's not true.  You are in control of every aspect of your being.  You and you, alone.


Whenever you place the blame of how you feel onto your twin flame (or anyone or anything else, for that matter), you are essentially saying that you aren't in control of your self.  Not owning your shit is admitting defeat and surrendering your power.


Take charge like you were created to do.  ONLY you can control your self.


The greatest illusion is that people and things on the outside of us control how we feel on the inside.  The opposite of that is actually the truth.  Everything on the outside is a reflection of what's going on inside.  As within, so without.


While this is true with everyone and everything in your life, it is only with the twin flame (and no one else) that achieving balance within your self can physically cause that person to be by your side. 


But you MUST go through your self to do it. 


You can start by having accountablility for your own thoughts, feelings and actions.



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